From the Photographer: Trever Hoehne


For the second installation in this series, we're hearing from Trever Hoehne, a life style photographer currently working in California. We asked him to just tell us little about himself, what he does, and why he does it, focusing mainly on his body of work "Blurry Things." Trever was even so kind to include some desktop and iPhone wallpaper packs for download! Grab those and see more after the break.

I currently live in a quaint little town in Southern California called Orange. 

I started in the world of art as a painter. I never actually imagined ending up with the medium of photography. After I graduated with my degree in painting, I knew a few tricks in Photoshop so I landed a job as a graphic designer. From there my eyes were opened to the world of photography. I started shooting the pictures I was using for my design then soon jumped head first into the world of commercial photography. 

Photography has been an amazing journey. It has taken me around the world and everyday is something new. I am very honored to have the accounts I have. I have gotten to work with some amazing people.

As far as my blurry things collection (clever, I know ... Ha). As I mentioned before, I have always been involved with oil painting and it still remains one of my biggest inspirations. I wanted to do something for myself with photography so I started shooting photos of places I have been out of focus. I find it intriguing to look at a familiar place in a new way. In some ways, it reminds me of the old impressionistic styles of painting. It's a fun escape from the commercial/entertainment industry. My wife says it's how she sees the world without her contacts :).

Anyways, I'm excited to see what the future holds and am humbled to play a part in the great story of art. 


I really love the painterly aspect of these photographs. The viewer is forced to pull back and notice the subtle beauty of changing colors and rich grain. Here are the links for Trever's online presence:

And here are the wallpapers that Trever is so graciously giving away with fall and wintery themes, perfect for this time of the year. Download the pack as a .zip or click a thumbnail to grab it.

iPhone Pack - Download






Desktop Pack - Download











December 13th 2010

By Andrew McCloskey

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